Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions we receive about joining the Club. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

I am a qualified diver with another organisation. Can I join your club?
Yes. Our organisation allows qualified divers to “crossover” at an equivalent grade to the certification you have already received.  You keep your existing qualification and gain a CMAS one.  If you are thinking of joining, you are allowed a couple of dives before you decide whether you want to join. This allows people see if the club suits them and also allows the club check out their diving skills. You must also complete a diving medical.

I have never dived before, do I have to be a good swimmer?
Above all you must be comfortable in the water. You will need to be able to swim 200m freestyle and 50m backstroke by the end of the initial training course.

How old do I have to be?
You must be over 18.

What is included in the membership fee?
Our annual membership covers registration with CFT which includes medical insurance, third-party insurance and a quarterly magazine, unlimited use of the club compressor for air or nitrox fills (subject to qualifications)  and unlimited diving from the club boat during the year.

What will I need?
You will need a basic set of scuba gear which includes a wetsuit suitable for cold water diving, boots, gloves, hood, mask, fins, weight-belt & weights, BCD, and regulator. Costs vary but gear can be picked up second-hand at reasonable prices from club members and on all the usual sites such as or specialty sites such as

Does the Club provide gear?
No. We will help you during the first few weeks of training in the pool but you will need your own set of gear to continue on to open water training in the sea. It is best if you have your own mask, snorkel and fins from the start.

What is involved in training?
The initial trainee training course we provide involves weekly pool training where you will learn snorkelling techniques, followed by scuba techniques during which time you will become familiar with all the basic gear. Pool training is followed by open water training in the sea – in a sheltered shallow spot usually around Hook Head. There is also some theory to cover which we will arrange at a time suitable to all.

Who will I be diving with?
As a trainee you will be diving with an instructor at all times.

Am I insured?
Yes, as part of your registration with CFT that is included in your membership you are covered, providing you dive within your qualifications.

I want to dive abroad, will my training be recognised?
Yes, all certification for the training we do is issued by CFT who are affiliated to CMAS a worldwide diving federation.